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Art Leading Post: 4/1/19 150 min Time to personate the screenwriter again where you admit what you perceive and direct it in a dialogical place. Recollect that this instrument that you must incorporate key stipulations (see the prefatory page of this module for a inventory of pertinent stipulations). Imagine a confabulation between 3-4 productionmans from this portion. The confabulation can go from a late solution of the Laocoon, a new collision of mathematics or engineering, to complaints environing your patron. The leading shaft conquer be this confabulation and the two required counter-argument shafts should comprise your critiques as the unvarnished consultant for this film. Past this is stagnant a regular writing assignment for this tabulate, recollect to comprise in-text extract where it is certain, which comprises your own paraphrases. Art Peer Counter-argument 1: 4/3/19 100 min Gus - mathematician Eren - mathematician Ray - mathematician Roberto- productionman  Gus- Hey everyone how are you guys doing today? Anything new? Eren- Hey Gus, Iv been doing noticeable and Iv been deeming we insufficiency to correct our math skills and Iv been deeming of triton new but its peel of involved. Gus- And what is it? Ray- Well-mannered Eren and I were deeming of a way we could sum anything up by not having to add all the sides its detaild augmentation. It would be a noticeable way to ascertain the area of an art share and instead of adding all the sides of an art share you enlarge the diffusiveness and the width of the art share Gus- Well-mannered that sounds noticeable ,but wouldn't that equiconsultation be delay art shares that are squared and athwart shaped? Eren- You do bear a apex we bear to symbol that out but for now that's all we bear. Roberto- Yes I coincide that would fashion my animation abundantly easier by measuring my altarpieces. I deem not merely would it fashion my animation easier but also all the other productionmans during this 16th era. Ray- I coincide delay you Roberto I deem everyone can avail from this. Kleiner, Fred S. "Gardner's Art Through the Ages - A Concise Global History." Fourth Edition. Cengage. 2017. Print. Art Peer Counter-argument 2: 4/3/19 100 min Jan van Eyck: (comes into hipster coffee shop where Rogier and Hugo are sitting in vegan leather armchairs and sipping on sparingly sourced, non-GMO, farm to consultation, radical, gluten bountiful, lactose bountiful, bountiful stroll, unblemished dealing, sustainable cappuccinos). Sup dawgs?  Rogier van der Weyden: (laughing) No one talks approve that past Duccio di Buoninsegna painted Animation of Jesus.  Hugo van der Goes: Hey Jan how's it going? How's effort? Jan: (sign a cappuccino also consequently it's equiconsultation what's effected). Everything's amiable, donation for scrutiny. You perceive, I stagnant can't prize that a insufficient nobody productionman approve me landed a job efforting for Philip the Good. Hugo: Come on, you're a noticeable productionman. The Ghent Altarpiece is going to be a masterpiece! Jan: Donation man. I do approve how it's hence concurrently. The poylptychs are turning out entirely. Rogier: Poly.. whats? Jan: polyptychs. They're a succession of paintings on hinged panels. They're faultless for exchange shares cuz you can wrap them. Hugo: Cool. Super promising. Can't abide to see the excellent effect.  Jan: Well-mannered that's probably not going to supervene consequently I die in 1441 and you're not indeed about until 1441. So... that's clumsy.  Rogier: (almost falls out of chair consequently he's laughing so obdurate) Burn!!! He got you amiable, Hugo. Hugo: (clumsy laugh). Well, whether you're heavy or not my Adoration of the Shepherds is going to be a big hit delay the realistic portraits on the triptych. It conquer be regarded as effulgent. Jan: I don't waver it, my messmate. And let's not learn Rogier. Buddy, publish us environing Deposition. Rogier: For abiding. It is going to observe a lot approve a carved protection. I approve to incorporate the symbols in my paintings so there is the passion of move and force. Also, I localize a superficial grade delay unadorned but meaningful setting and perspective. It conquer bear noticeable cohesion. Super duper meaningful and affecting. Jan: Cool. Cool. (nods and sips frigid overpriced espresso) Kleiner, Fred S. "Gardner's Art Through the Ages - A Concise Global History." Fourth Edition. Cengage. 2017. Print. Art Slides: 4/2/19 Well-mannered written confutations*** There are three slides fashion abiding you confutation each face of the Prompt *see benevolence* Bio Leading Prompt: 4/3/19 250 min An end to disposition illness? Not truly. A new tabulate of cholesterol gloomy garbages detaild PCSK9 inhibitors (Links to an palpable support.)Links to an palpable support. is indeed amiable at gloomy LDL planes, but averment of how well-mannered-mannered it reduces the decease of disposition illness is not so manifest. From this New York Times condition, debate the problems treating a involved illness approve disposition illness. Ascertain instruction environing familial hypercholesterolemia and what contrariant matter libertys would be accelerationful, beaction that seven contrariant genes are perceiven to subscribe to this illness (OMIM 143890 (Links to an palpable support.)Links to an palpable support.).  In your shaft, elucidate or incorporate why the new garbage Repatha is so masterful in reducing LDL cholesterol, and then select one of the genes from OMIM (see the Phenotype-Gene Relationship consultation) and debate one action of hypercholesterolemia and practicable matter liberty, naturalized on the gene you selected. Bio Peer Response: 4/5/19 100 min A new LDL garbage was endorsed and the researchers had very excellent expectations and were rooting for the end of disposition illness. Delay a subjoined examine of this new garbage conducted to patients, it had simliar avails approve a statin. For patients who don’t belief or do belief the excellent appraisement of this garbage, it has been suggested to abide for long-term results when further and further populace initiate to use it. The problems of this illness is that they “are not kindred to statins at all…[you’ll insufficiency a] doctor to detail what’s indeed causing [the] symptoms. And some populace allow one statin emend then another.” (Krumholz, H., 2017) This garbage is so masterful in treating disposition illness consequently typically dozes of this medication is 90 mg/dl (this is considered low) and using Repatha is 30 mg/dl.  “Familial hypercholesterolemia is an autosomal dominant conjecture characterized by altitude of serum cholesterol to-leap to low insufficientsightedness lipoprotein (LDL), which promotes deeposition of cholesteral in the bark, tendons, and coronary arteries (Hobbs et al.. 1992, OMIM)” This can supervene in twain homozygous and heterzygous. Houlston, R. et al. 1988, all discovered that that patients coronary artery illness bear a excellent plane of LDL force in contrariety of those who don’t bear coronary artery illness. This suggests “that [LDL] measurements may acceleration foretell the cause of coronary disposition illness in living-souls delay familial hypercholesterolemia.” Matter for this is chaning animationstyle approve exercising and consuming a “healthy low-fat nutriment”. RESCOURCES: (Links to an palpable support.)Links to an palpable support. (Links to an palpable support.)Links to an palpable support. (Links to an palpable support.) Bio Questions: 4/4/19 1. Many living-souls delay metabolic illnesss are regular at parentage but exhibition symptoms insufficiently thereafter. Why? 2. Inventory the ways in which a metabolic fill can bear phenotypic proceeds. 3. If phenylalanine was not an inherent amino active, would nutriment therapy (the exportation of phenylalanine from the nutriment) for PKU effort? Do not equiconsultation say yes or no. Give a insufficient description. 4. Describe the quaternary texture of the rank protein hemoglobin. 5. Transcriptional managers are proteins that confine to promoters (the 5’ flanking regions of genes) to methodize their transcription. Assume that a detail transcription manager regularly promotes transcription of gene X, a ecstasy protein. If a inversion fashions this manager gene nonfunctional, would the resulting phenotype be correspondent to a inversion in the gene X itself? Why or why not?