QUALITATIVE Journal Submit Article Reviews

 You conciliate retrospect twain requisite and regulative exploration.  The theme is up to you as desire as you prefer a peer-reviewed, academic exploration concern.  I insinuate choosing a theme that is at smallest in the similar origin as your expected dissertation theme so that you can rouse viewing what is out there.  Consider also that commencement is a greater element of this program, so your theme should at smallest in disunite own that as a nucleus.  There are no solid account counts or page requirements as desire as you shield the basic guidelines.  You must resign pristine product, still,  and a word that returns as a great percentage of copy/paste to other sources conciliate not be original.  (Safe Assign conciliate be used to track/monitor your meekness for plagiarism. Submissions delay a Safe Assign mate of more than 25% conciliate not be original.) You conciliate see an sample of a requisite and regulative concern in Blackboard.  Please use APA formatting and embody the subjoined information: Introduction/Background:  Provide matter for the exploration word.  What led the cause(s) to transcribe the concern? What key concepts were discussd? Were there weaknesses in former exploration that led the cause to the exoteric conjecture or exploration inquiry? Methodology:  Describe how the basis was gathered and analyzed.  What exploration inquirys or hypotheses were the explorationer arduous to discuss? What statistical dissection was used? Study Findings and Results:  What were the greater findings from the con-over? Were there any limitations? Conclusions:  Evaluate the word in stipulations of reason, exploration methods, recognizeability and the implications of the results.  Does the concern bring into raise con-over? Are there irrelative methods you would own separated installed on what you recognize? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the word in stipulations of statistical dissection and contact? (This is where a great disunite of the rubric is shielded.)  References