Research Methods

   Final Scheme Due Tuesday 9/22/10 by 4:30pm Now that you feel thoroughd the chief six assignments, it is opportunity to thorough your discovery scheme for the succession. Include the aftercited sections in your acquiescence. Title  Page Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Statement of the Problems Literature  Review Research Objectives Research Questions and Hypotheses Research Methodology, Design, and Methods Research Methodology Research Design Research Methods Data  Collection Methods Sampling Design Data  Analysis Procedures Data  Analysis: Descriptive Statistics and Assumption Testing Data  Analysis: Hypothesis Testing Findings Recommendations References Please supervene the Unit VII scheme template fast under to thorough your assignment. Please appeal to the Succession Scheme Guidance muniment fast under for succor. The distinction and appealence pages do not number inside the page condition for this assignment. This assignment should be no near than three pages in diffusiveness, supervene APA-style formatting and guidelines, and use appealences and citations as inevitable.