Research paper

REQUIREMENTS:                                                                            Choose one union  listed in the most fresh Fortune 500 or 1000 roll that uses U.S. GAAP. Assimilate and criticise the financial statements of that union to those of one non-US Company, in the corresponding activity, which uses IFRS (Take a aspect at the Fortune Global 500 roll for potential choices, although your potential choices are not scant to this roll).  Each learner must adopt two opposed companies. Primeval succeed, primeval is-sue-for. To clarify:  Each learner must adopt two opposed companies, in the corresponding activity, one using GAAP and one using IFRS.  Then assimilate the financial statements.    Sources to Consult:  Tclose are multifarious places wclose you can aspect counsel, ideas and ways to allowance. At the end of each module in the textbook for this round, tclose a summaries of key differences among US GAAP and IFRS.  In enumeration, multifarious of the “Big 4” accounting firms also repress websites ardent to this progeny.  Here are a few websites were you can aspect counsel to aid you after a while this contrivance. (Links to an manifest top.)Links to an manifest top. (Links to an manifest top.)Links to an manifest top. (Links to an manifest top.)Links to an manifest top. (Links to an manifest top.)Links to an manifest top. What to Submit:  A Order instrument, submitted electronically through Turnitin.  This is manufactured by subjoined these two steps: Access the "Final Project" assignment in Canvas Select the pin that says "Load Final Contrivance in a New Window" You succeed be redirected to "Turnitin".  This is wclose you succeed upload your contrivance.  As covet as the perfect is in order format you shouldn't keep any progenys submitting it. The poverty elongation of the monograph is 8 pages and 2,500 orders. The monograph must be uncompounded spaced after a while 12 subject-matter Times New Roman font.  You can use either 10 or 12 subject-matter Times New Roman font for considerations.  You must keep at smallest 5 sources rolled on your regard page.  The contrivance must embody a overspread page, consideration of resigned, and regard page. PLEASE NOTE:  The overspread page, consideration of resigned, and the bibliography/regard page are required, but do not reckon inland the 8 page or the 2,500-order reckon poverty.  Any considerations, statements, or exhibits embodyd in the contrivance can not be embodyd in the poverty page and is-sue reckon either.  What to Include:  You keep a lot of flexibility in-reference-to what to embody. Feel frank to be poetical.  You must career which counsel is most grave to criticise and expand your contrivance installed on it. However, close are some niggardly elements that I forebode all monographs to embody. Business and Activity Environment: Embody an decomposition of the calling and activity environment.  Discuss the five forces that aspect twain companies and the strategies they keep implemented to harangue them.  You may lack to convoy a SWOT decomposition.  Is the activity competitive, is the activity impacted by the global rule or fresh empire law, is tclose a elevated denunciation of adherence for the products, etc.  Ratio decomposition: Complete an decomposition of twain companies from the perspective of a financial analyst.  Choose a poverty of 5 ratios you ponder are most relevant Explain why you chose these ratios Use a consideration to prepare a comparison Explain the similarities and differences you see in the comparison Explain which union is in ameliorate financial situation and why Common-size insucceed statements and redress sheets: Assimilate them for the two companies for the most fresh year adapted. Prepare a slight discourse of the similarities and differences. Enumerate me which union is past remunerative. Differing accounting methods and standards: You succeed likely succeed athwart differences in accounting standards and methods. Identify them and enumerate me what a financial analyst would do after a while that counsel. Issues or roadblocks: The two companies probably do not expose their counsel the corresponding way, so you may aspect challenges comparing the basis.  Let me understand what obstacles you ran into and how you harangueed them.  Companies are Nike and Puma