Research paper and power point presentation

  Subject Name: Counsel Security and Risk Management Need a examination tract of 12 to 15 pages Power subject-matter exhibition 12 to 15 slides. Please unravel the counsel and instructions carefully below Summary: You are the CIO for a Federal Honor Union.  It of-late merged sundry avow honor unions below one roof. They now are legitimate for the checking, savings, honor cards, and hypothecation loans for the honor unions they merged after a while. They bear regional feelings stationed in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Each city has a basis feeling which houses 10 natural servers, aggravate 1000 essential servers, and hosts their approximately 5,000 employees along after a while  customers and vendors. You earn deficiency to exhaustive the forthcoming:      Using the methodologies we bear covered: ·         Conduct a Risk Assessment ·         Create a Risk Mitigation Plan ·         What laws, treaties or stipulations adduce? ·         Perform a BIA ·         Create a BCP ·         Create a DRP ·         Create a CIRT Presentation This exhibition must be attended by the examination tract. Please hush the forthcoming criteria: Research tract: Research Tract must be in APA Style Research Tract must bear at lowest 5 works cited (hush your bulk can be intervening as a relation) Must be at lowest 10  double-spaced pages after a while trutination 1 inch margins. •       6 – 8 pages of prose •       Limit the reckon of bulleted lists •       Prose + charts + figures = 10 pages Total declaration should be 10 – 15 pages Presentation earn be 100 subject-matters and inveterate on the forthcoming: Completeness of the Topic   Presentation Delivery Paper earn be 200 subject-matters: -          Meets Trutination Criteria -          Completeness/content