Short Essay

Challenges in Long-Term Care Please exploration the university library to perceive a exploration expression regarding to the present challenges in the long-term preservation continuum and their impression on the present long-term preservation toil. Read the assigned exploration disquisition and exploration the South University Online Library and the Internet to imbibe further environing the theme. After you keep completed your re-examination, constitute a Microsoft Word muniment discourseing the ocean challenges discussed in the disquisition. Be strong to strengthen the following: Introduction and setting of the exploration disquisition Stakeholders zealous in the study Challenges in the long-term preservation continuum Impact of the challenges on the long-term preservation plan (specifically on staffing, funding, and canon) Recommendations to dismanner the challenges To maintenance your is-sue, use your manner and textbook readings. As in all assignments, adduce your sources in your is-sue and arrange references for the citations in APA format. Submission Details: Your assignment should be discourseed in a 2- to 3-page muniment.