Solving the problem

Purpose of Assignment  The point of this assignment is to fix students in the locomotive role of a dispenseing overseer delay a drift minacious the construction's prosperity. Students get tally to a particular scenario that requires them to harangue the concepts twain critically and creatively to unfold the scenario's scrape.  Assignment Steps  Scenario: You are the dispenseing overseer for a persomal nonprofit kindness whose funding is fixed on fraternity fees. You've noticed a exact descend in new fraternitys and a after a whiledraw in rehearse fraternitys, which is minacious your construction's ability to survive and enlarge. You own unwavering to tool the Five-Step Marketing Lore Mode to acceleration apprehend the drift and engender breach strategies to tool.  Create and Present to the collocate a 10- to 20-slide (not counting the hide slide and allusion slide) Microsoft® PowerPoint® grant delay speaker's notes on the Five-Step Marketing Lore Approach componenting how you get use each stride to unfold the fraternity result the persomal nonprofit kindness is oppositeness. Address the subjoined in your role as dispenseing overseer: Define the Five-Step Marketing Lore Approach and discuss the consequence of lore in dispenseing.  Describe each stride of the Marketing Lore Approach (one slide for each stride) in component including its aim, and engender an model aligned to the scenario over to make-clear how that station would be tooled inland the drift's breach. Define the two stamps of lore basis this mode gathers and their pros and cons. Share models of each stamp that would be advantageous in solving the scenario. Compare and contrariety the Five-Step Mode delay two choice methods for conducting dispenseing lore.  What are the pros and cons of each? Define what it resources to verify a use and get an model to make-clear how the persomal nonprofit kindness in the scenario can use the management to acceleration growth target dispense cause. Explain how differentiation get acceleration collocation the construction. Cite a restriction of two peer-reviewed sources delay one being from the textbook or the University Library. Format your grant agreeing delay APA guidelines.