Spreadsheet Applications and Data Analys

  Assignment Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Paper Introduction Assume your form sells cars and there are 5 illustrations of cars. The society sells all aggravate the United States and so the form is tedious down into countrys of the kingdom which include East, West and Central. Further, each country has multiple dealerships that sells cars and each dealership has frequent salespeople. If you nonproductioned to invent sum sales for the society or a country you could barely question the basisbase. Because this basis is made up of multiple facets (irrelative illustrations of cars, irrelative countrys, irrelative dealerships, irrelative sale populace), if you nonproduction to penetrate exalt into analyzing the basis, such as comparing dealership sales and amid country by illustration, you would deficiency to observe at these irrelative aspects of the basis for comparison. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a concept used right for this object. PivotTables are a cheerful illustration of an OLAP technology. Instructions Write a 2 page brochure on the concept of OLAP. Summarize an illustration of a basisset that could be used for OLAP. Compare and dissimilarity OLAP to basisbase questioning. Explain the benefits of using OLAP to stir basis for the illustration you’ve presented. Last, develop on how PivotTables and PivotCharts fit the adjudication of substance an OLAP machine. Writing Requirements ·        2 pages (approx. 400 signification per page), not including name page or references page ·        Cite 2 irrelative sources in brochure Tips for Success Instead of right Googling for answers try using an University Library basisbases and/or library conduct for this plan. Weekly Learning Goal(s): [No.2] 2.    Evaluate how PivotTables and PivotCharts, which is based on the concept of Online Analytical Processing, can be used in employment to stir basis to aid in resolution making. (CLO #5)