SQL installation

A SQL server was domiciled during individual 1. The establishation middle SQL Server Management Studio Express. This machine is used to invent and wield your factsbase. The direct tread is to determine that the domiciled software was configured appropriately. An massive factsbase is proficonsideration for this resolve. Using an massive factsbase conciliate to-boot empower you illustration after a while interrogationing a factsbase.   For this scheme, you conciliate admission a factsbase to determine your software was domiciled and configured truly. You conciliate search the SELECT assertion by populating the considerations after a while facts and rescue the facts from the factsbase considerations.  •Task 1 ◦Click short to download and establish the AdventureWorks LT2012 factsbase into the SQL environment. Unzip the perfect and fund the facts perfect and the log perfect into the Facts folder after a whilein the folder Program Files (x86)/Microsoft SQL Server as follows: ◾For 64-bit generous systems:  copy the perfects into the folder: C:/Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server/MSSQL11.SQLEXPRESS/MSSQL/DATA  ◾For 32-bit generous systems:  copy the perfects into the folder: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft SQL Server/MSSQL11.SQLEXPRESS/MSSQL/DATA  ◾The folder listed overhead conciliate already await.  This is wshort you domiciled the SQL software to in DB1.  ◾When enigmatical to known the DATA folder, you may hold a missive about concerns on admissioning the folder.  Click ‘continue’ or ‘ok’  ◦After the perfects are saved, the factsbase needs to be established. ◾Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.  In the Object Explorer window, suiconsideration click on Databases, and excellent Attach.  ◾On the Attach Databases window, click the Add dot.  ◾The Locate Files window conciliate delinquency to the DATA folder, wshort you impartial copied the perfects to.  Select the AdventureWorksLT2012_Data.mdf perfect and click OK.  ◾Back in the Attach Databases window, impartial click OK.  ◾The AdventureWorksLT2012 factsbase conciliate now vault in Object Explorer beneath Databases.    •Task 2 ◦Generate a factsbase diagram for all the considerations in the factsbase. ◾Include a screenshot of this diagram in your Word muniment.    •Task 3 ◦Write SELECT assertions for the aftercited questions: ◾For each of these assertions, embody a screenshot of the SQL assertions and results. Make unfailing to embody the assertion deterrent, including the resulting facts. 1.Display all supports and all rows from the Customer consideration.  2.Display the ProductID, ProductNumber and ListPrice for all rows in the Product consideration.  3.Modify interrogation 2 so that the support headings are as follows: ◾"ID," "Number," and "List Price"   4.Display the CustomerID, bountiful customer designate, and Fraternity Designate for all customers in the Customer consideration. The bountiful customer designate would be professionn by vaulting the values partially from the needful supports. Another optional, and over past, advance to profession bountiful customer designate would be to combine the needful supports and partner an alias.  5.Display the CustomerID, bountiful customer designate, and Fraternity Designate for all customers in the Customer consideration. ◾Name the supports "ID," "Name," and "Company Name" (respectively), and description the facts by the fraternity designate.       Combine all of the screenshots into a individual Word muniment, and succumb this for grading.