Unit 4 Individual project

Skip HeaderCourse HomeEDU602-01-1901DSkip Tabulate Navigation Assignment Overview Assignment:  Unit 4 - Individual Project and Contemptible AssessmentType:  Individual ProjectPoints Possible:  100Points Earned: Deliverable Length:  10-15 PowerPoint slides after a while notesView objectives for this assignmentThis assignment is the Contemptible AssignmentDetailsLearnReadMy Work  Assignment Description As an tutor of the basic skills tabulate at the general brotherhood garden, you enjoy been asked to yield ideas for assessing the congruity power of entering learners through the use of oral and nonoral methods. The duty approaches and deeds that you commend obtain be used to flow who needs a developmental congruity tabulate and who should select the recurrent congruity plan. Prepare a exhibition in PowerPoint that offers various practicable oral and nonoral duty deeds, including the strengths and weaknesses of each and the collision of the deed on the separated specimen population. Be unquestioning to add paltry but adviceal notes to key slides. Add citations as essential to slides, and form one or two slides at the end that involve your Reference schedule. Use APA format for citations and references, and thrive PowerPoint guidelines for operative exhibition of ideas. This assignment is a sever of institutional operativeness, program sort, and graduate solicitor programmatic upshot leadership mass initiatives. It is a contemptible assignment that is required in integral individuality of EDU602. Your assignment deliverable  obtain be assessed using  the grading criteria that align after a while the program gradation and general scale requirements yieldd hither. Your tutor obtain yield duty results, including gradation feedback, after a whilein the gradebook area for this assignment. Please succumb your assignment. Scoring Rubric: Your assignment obtain be graded in harmony after a while the thriveing criteria. Click hither to design the grading rubric. For abettance after a while your assignment, fascinate use your citation, Web media, and all plan materials. Other Information Thither is no added advice to vault at this season. Legend Extra Credit View Assignment Rubric Privacy Policy Terms of Use About Our Ads Contact Us © 2019 American InterContinental University.   All Rights Reserved. Authorized Users Only.