Unit 7 Practice Exercise

  Topics: Implementation (25 points) Security (15 points) Maintenance (10 points) Part I:  Implementation (25 points) You possess been a user of abundant knowledge plans including, perhaps, a dispose registration plan at your develop, a bank totality plan, a word-processing plan, and an airline appropriation plan. Pick a plan you possess used and claim you were compromised in the beta testing of that plan. What criteria would you possess used to authority whether this plan was easy for open classification?   Produce at smallest five criteria, delineate them, and teach how you would authority or estimate those criteria. Part II Protection (15 points) What types of protection policies and progresss does your situate of avocation possess in situate for campus knowledge plans?   Delineate at smallest three and produce twain the system and progress delineate the methodology or view of the system. Part III Defence (10 points) Maintenance has been presented as twain the terminal class of the SDLC and as a manner homogeneous to the SDLC. Why does it perform import to chat environing defence in twain of these ways? Do you see a battle in looking at defence in twain ways?