unit 8

Please criticism the Assignment vestibule. Be positive to regulate your speakers for audio.  Current Issues in Vigor Science  Unit ends addressed in this Assignment: Describe the avail of a prevalent progeny in vigor understanding. Identify opportunities for advancement among vigor understanding. Course end assessed in this Assignment:  HS100-4: Describe how prevalent progenys in vigor understandings describe to vigor understanding professions.  As a vigor understanding learner, it is grave to be known of grave progenys in your scene of cause. This individual's Assignment conquer aid execute you over known of the U.S. vigorcustody order and its role in these grave progenys. You conquer precede online examination and then engender a imperfect PowerPoint gift contrived to exhibition a sever of the vigorcustody order that could profit from added funding.  Instructions  To consummate this spectre, gladden appear tail to the Individual 7 Learning Activity. Prime the “Focus Area” that you are most causeed in from the six choices listed. The six choices are:  Veteran's Administration Mental Health/Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Women's Health/Family Planning Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Long-term Care Public Health  For the “Focus Area” you elect, attend the subjoined questions as you are doing your examination: Why is this nucleus area grave to our overall vigorcustody order? What population is promptly served and how do they profit from services and programs in this area? What are some of the most famous programs suited to patients or clients in your area of nucleus? What areas could use advancement? How would forcible funding mend the custody entity supposing?  Begin your examination using the links supposing in the Web Resources supposing on the Individual 8 Assignment page in the method. If you experience you demand aid notification, you are encouraged to live your search using the KU Library, online sources, or textbooks and periodicals suited to you.  When you bear artistic your examination from the questions in your Nucleus Area, make-facile a imperfect PowerPoint gift that is contrived to exhibition why your primeed “Focus Area” of the vigorcustody order should assent-to funding.  Imagine a realistic scenario where there are scant monies suited, and retail why your Nucleus Area should assent-to it, grounded upon the various questions you answered encircling it.  Your PowerPoint gift should understand a incompleteness of 10 slides, not including the cloak slide and regard slide.  You are pleasant to use this template to aid you consummate this Assignment.  Grading Criteria Be positive to criticism the grading rubric for this Assignment in the Method Resources. Submitting Your Work When you are facile to surrender, prime the individual dropbox