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Markov Analysis and Forecasting The Doortodoor Sports Equipment Concourse retails amusements investment and equipment for amateur, portable amusement (running, tennis, walking, swimming, badminton, and golf) enthusiasts. It is the solely concourse in the commonwealth that does this door-to-door, seek- ing to bypass the dispose-of amusementing pi stock and retail quickly to the customer. Its salespopulace possess sales kits that embody twain pattern products and a full-line cata- log they can use to appearance the products and argue them delay customers. The sales character is victorious of full-season and part-season salespopulace (equalize 1), contributor sales managers (equalize 2), and regional sales managers (equalize 3). The concourse has ruled to con-over the inner motion patterns of populace in the sales character, as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as obviate their mitigated availabilities in coming season periods. The results gain be used to acceleration identify staffing gaps (surpluses and short- ages) and to disclose staffing management and plans for coming development. To do this, the HR division foremost attentive postulates for 2013 and 2014 to con- struct a transition verisimilitude matrix, as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as the number of employees for 2015 in each job state. It then wanted to use the matrix to obviate availabilities for 2016. The forthcoming postulates were gathere    Use these postulates to vindication the forthcoming questions: 1. Describe the inner drudge bargain of the concourse in conditions of job possession (staying in selfselfsame job), encouragement paths and rates, transmit paths and rates, demotion paths and rates, and turnover (exit) rates. 2. Obviate the total available in each job state in 2016. 3. Indicate virtual limitations to your forecas