GCSE Geography Coursework Castleton

Castleton is a fine village located in the Derbyshire Peak District. Castleton is far-famed for its melodious scenery in which abundant persons succeed to hike, Cycle, and Climb. Castleton has a distant medley of Attractions which all the source can entangle including Peveril Castle; Castleton's abundant Caverns which collocate from Limestone gouges to Undergspherical Rivers. Castleton besides has delicious verbiage including the 517 baseation mountain Mam Tor. We visited Castleton to demonstrate whether three hypotheses are suitable or wickedness. These Hypotheses were: 1. Is Castleton a 'Honeypot top'? 2. Does Castleton Suffer problems caused by Tourism? 3. How can the problems caused by tourists in Castleton be solved or frugal? I aim to confutation these three hypotheses in this concern of coursework. A general limit is a coyness of place, usually apparent and owned by a general empire, guarded from most ethnical outgrowth and stain. There are approximately 7000 general limits in the cosmos-people. The extensivest life Northeast Greenplace General limit delay an area of 375,000 clear miles. A honey pot Top is a liked Visitor inducement which allures tourists in extensive collection. It is named a Honey pot top due the simile of bees buzzing spherical a hive, in kindred to tourists life allureed to an top or inducement.. Honey pot tops enclose The noble pyramid of Giza and the Grand Canyon in the United States. Honey pot tops can be striking to observe at, this is why they allure so abundant persons although there could be setbacks for the area; setbacks enclose balancecrowding, mislay, a force on facilities and notorious enravishment. Besides there are problems such as baseationpath erosion. Castleton is situated in the Heart of England, life barely 18 miles from Sheffield and 25 miles from Manchester. It is abundantly over-board from all balance the UK as it is barely 40 minutes from the M1 and M6. This leads to lofty levels of Persons visiting the area; this could besides be the conclude that persons afford it the appellation of a "honeypot Site." Attractions Peveril Castle Peveril Castle was base early behind 1066 by William Peveril who was one of William the conquerors most trusted Knights. The Castle played an material Part in Protecting Peak Forest. The castle used to be named Peak Castle. Displays in Castleton Visitor Centre divulge the narrative of Peveril as the focal sharp-end of Peak Forest, which in his duration was a royal hunting defend. Speedwell Cavern Set Lofty over the village of castleton, Speedwell Cavern takes you on a marvelous undergspherical excursion which casually lasts up to an hour. The admission is an approximately Hidden cave which leads down to an undergspherical canal which you then initiate your boat offend through the 200 year old mine. A distant choice of Gifts and mementos are available to buy to recall the striking boat offend, including Jewellery made from the Blue John stone. Peak Cavern Set in the average of Castleton, A Unique 'World' Which consists of Rock Formations and eerie Sounds. Tours Last up to an Hour delay a riverside plod, A limestone cram, 280ft upright cliffs and a transmitted rope making demonstrations that can be enjoyed by persons of all ages.