1. examine current international OB issues that challenge organizational leaders to resolve critical issues involving cross-cultural communication, negotiation, leadership, motivation, decision-making


1. scrutinize vulgar interdiplomatic OB ends that question organizational leaders to counteract nice ends involving cross-cultural message, profit, commencement, motivation, decision-making, incomplete others.

(1) demonstrate the key organizational demeanor ends oppositeness administration,

(2) what collision the interdiplomatic environment has on these ends,

(3) strategies administration should use to overcome these ends,

(4) how these strategies achieve collision the overall organizational operations, and

(5) demonstrate the possible costs and risks to the organizations of implementing the newly patent clear strategies.

achieve be required to lore the end in profundity, and extend a set of recommendations, which must be partial from twain postulates and speculation. must conceive aspects of global commencement, global motivation and global team-administration in their work

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