1. Explain the major financial ratios and financial cycles, debt ratio, debt to equity ratio, return on assets, return on equity, current ratio, quick ratio, inventory turnover, days in inventory, acc

1. Explain the main financial harmonys and financial cycles, liability harmony, liability to equity harmony, render on property, render on equity, prevalent harmony, shrewd harmony, catalogue turnover, days in catalogue, accounts receivable turnover, accounts receivable cycle in days, accounts payable turnover, accounts payable cycle in days, rights per distribute (EPS), value to rights harmony (P/E), and currency transformation cycle (CCC) and avow the understanding of each for financial address. Include copys fixed on a provided pit quibble and proceeds avowment.

2. Can CCC be privative? If so, what does it specify?

3. Explain afloat important and its understanding. Evaluate afloat important in your copy consecrated in divorce “a” of this DQ2

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