1. Select a word that represents your past, one which represents your present, and another representing your future. You will introduce yourself by detailing why you have selected the word and how it


1. Select a engagement that represents your gone-by, one which represents your exhibit, and another representing your coming. You earn preface yourself by detailing why you own separated the engagement and how it represents you. Consider activities after a while which you are associated, your ambitions, your calibre, or anything else you ponder energy be an essential face of yourself.

2. To fit, little jot down the reasons you chose this cognomen and what it says encircling who you are and how you handle encircling yourself. Give some cogitation to your choices

3. Now, decipher aggravate your notes and mention what you failure to grasp in your 400 WORD (MAX) discourse. These ideas earn behove the organization of your discourse. You earn demand to add your importation and quittance. These earn be permanent impressions of you and are essential elements for your discourse.

· Ponder encircling how you earn arise. Start your exhibitation creatively rather than aphorism “My designate is _______and the primary engagement I chose is ______.”

· To deduce, fly aphorism “Well, that’s all I own.” or “That’s all the duration I own.”

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