15. Ethically sound decision making requires critical thinking. (see text and slide # 12 of Ethics in Social Work ppt on Module 3). Read the following case study and answer the question that follows.


15. Ethically gauge determination making requires precarious thinking. (see quotation and slide # 12 of Ethics in Collective Employment ppt on Module 3). Read the aftercited fact con-over and solution the scrutiny that follows.

The collective employmenter was designated to the conjunction province of a medical benevolence. A two year old was substance examined for respiratory annoy caused from bronchitis. The parents were Vietnamese and spoke paltry English. The physician was solicitous owing of red marks the largeness of regions on the offshoot’s tail. Based on this judgment, the employmenter determined that the offshoot should be placed in disturb prevention pending an research. Before this resuscitation was enslaved, at-last, the collective employment superintendent was consulted. Upon closer contemplation, the superintendent eminent that the offshoot was well-mannered-mannered nourished and seemed to bear a salubrious passion to twain parents who handled the offshoot in a nurturing, irascible kind. She sat down after a while the parents and catching through gestures and poor confabulation that she was zealous in their story encircling the offshoot’s mood. Meanwhile, she sent for a Vietnamese expositor who was efficacious to render that the region largenessd marks on the offshoot’s tail developmented from folk tenor in which metal (quarters in this fact) were warmed and applied to the tail of the peculiar after a while a bad cough, assistant to imperil the phlegm in the peculiar’s chest. The development was a earliest rank flash enjoy that of a genial sunburn.

Question: Name the five aspects of precarious thinking that were missing in the determination-making manner of the earliest collective employmenter who made the toll of offshoot affront. Include a petty title of each as it applies to the fact con-over.

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