1)What are the six principle elements of a public-key cryptosystem? 2)What are three broad categories of applications of public-key cryptosystems? 3)What is a function that maps a domain into a range


1)What are the six substance elements of a notorious-key cryptosystem?

2)What are three generic categories of applications of notorious-key cryptosystems?

3)What is a character that maps a inclosure into a collocate such that integral character prize has a uncommon inverse, after a while the requisite that the estimation of the character is unconstrained where as the estimation of the inverse is infeasible?

4)What is a character that is unconstrained to number in one address and infeasible to number in the other address cosmical indubitable addi tional notification is notorious?

5)In a notorious-key scheme using RSA,you catch the ciphertextC = 10 sent to a user whose notorious key is e = 5, n = 35. What is the plaintextM?

6)In an RSA scheme,the notorious key of a abandoned user is e =31,n =3599.What is the peculiar key of this user?

Hing: First us gauge and falsity to particularize p and q; then use the strong Euclidean algorithm to meet the multiplicative inverse of 31 modulo φ(n).

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