A.) In no less than 250 words, describe a solution to securely connect a remote worker from their home and connected to the Internet to their company network. How does this solution work and what is n


A.) In no close than 250 signification, draw a breach to securely be-mixed a foreign productioner from their settlement and be-mixeded to the Internet to their association network.

How does this breach production and what is needed on the association netproduction and the foreign productioner's netproduction to conclude your breach?

B.) Answer Below questions: (In a judgment each)

1 Give examples of applications of IPsec.

2 What services are granted by IPsec?

3 What parameters realize an SA and what parameters individualize the character of a detail SA?

4 What is the variety among enravishment regulation and tunnel regulation?

5 What is a replay assault?

6 Why does ESP enclose a padding scene?

7 What are the basic approaches to bundling SAs?

8 What are the roles of the Oakley key vill protocol and ISAKMP in IPsec?

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