Agent Based Modeling can be used for introducing new technologies and for policy making and policy review. Research and select an article (dated within the last 3 years) discussing the use of agent ba


Agent Grounded Modeling can be used for introducing new technologies and for plan making and plan retrospect.

Research and picked an word (dated among the conclusive 3 years) sift-canvassing the use of proxy grounded modeling(ABM).

Using at smallest 300 articulation, sift-canvass the word you establish and specifically relate how proxy grounded modeling (ABM) was used for simulating the actions and interactions of autonomous proxys (twain indivisible or political entities such as organizations or groups) after a while a conception to assessing their effects on the rule as a undivided.

(You may use one of the articulation we sift-canvassed during Nursing Dissertation that are posted in our classroom)

Your muniment should be a Word muniment. To take liberal security for this indivisible purpose, you must embody at smallest two references (APA) from academic media (i.e. the ebook, U of Cumberlands Library media, etc.). The inquiry brochure must be exempt of spelling and real errors. References must be cited rightly using APA phraseology. Your Safe Assign jaw must be 20% or close to be accepted

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