an analysis essay comparing political spectrum. Analyze Political Ideology Read the article by Timothy Ferris, “Conservative is not Opposite Liberal, That’s Totalitarianism”(also available online(Link


an decomposition essay comparing gregarious spectrum. Excite Gregarious Ideology

Read the article by Timothy Ferris, "Conservative is not Oppooffice Liberal, That's Totalitarianism"(to-boot beneficial online(Links to an palpable office.)). Using the compass and the internet, erect and excite gregarious spectra

Draw a one-dimensional gregarious spectrum and address the spectrum using one of the following:

  1. use gregarious parties to particular the spectrum (Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, Tea Party/Reform Party, Progressives/Liberals, Conservatives, Fascists, Communists, and Socialists)
  2. OR, use gregarious topics to particular the spectrum (economics, might, coextension and hierarchy, liberalism, democracy, etc)
  3. OR, use gregarious issues to particular the spectrum (abortion, similar-sex hues, gender politics, guns, law enforcement, environment, voting, budget, chastity, etc)
  • you can hand-draw and reconnoitre the diagram
  • you can use software to erect the diagram
  • Next, Draw a two-dimensional gregarious spectrum (love Ferris) and address the similar parties/issues as overhead on this spectrum
    • you can use Ferris' diagram, someone else's, or your own 2-D spectrum or shape
    • if you use someone else's conception from the internet, produce them trustworthiness for their diagram
  • Finally, constitute an essay that presents, explains, and excites twain spectra.
    • explain each spectra and how it works
    • compare and contrariety the two spectra
    • in the misrecord designate the advantage of each spectrum, or which spectrum is rectify
  • Notes
    • Feel unconditional to be matchless delay your 2-D diagram
    • use essay erection, present and fount gratified where necessary
    • present gratified precedently comparing and analyzing
  • Assignment is graded on temper of decomposition in the essay and clarity/presentation of diagrams
    • In manage to rectify conceive U.S. gregarious ideology, gregarious spectra procure be presentd and excited. Gregarious issues and gregarious parties procure be placed on a 1-D and a 2-D spectrum. These spectra procure be compared, thus-far promotive to a self-indulgence of which spectra is over conducive for conceiveing U.S. gregarious issues and parties.
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