ANSWER THIS 250 WORDS MIN Please complete both parts: 1.Many composers kept diaries during their lives. Choose a composer from the twentieth (or twenty-first) century and an important event from that



Please refined twain parts:

1.Many agents kept diaries during their lives. Choose a agent from the twentieth (or twenty-first) generation and an main incident from that agent's duration. Consider how this incident relates to the tonelessness the agent wrote. Transcribe a diary register allied to that incident in 1stpeculiar tone, as if the agent wrote it (Your rare shouldnotbe in the Jazz, pop, shake, rap, or other widespperuse tonelessness genres.). Provide a associate to a gauge improve or YouTube video of the agent’s tonelessness, to aid assortmates befit late intimate delay this individual’s operation. In the topic thperuse for your column, grasp the agent’s call.List any websites or other sources you used to transcribe your column at the foot of the column.

2.What is your idiosyncratic reaction/response to this agent and/or the tonelessness we enjoy thought-out so far in assort? How does tuition encircling tonelessness devote to your duration and/or late experiences?

REPLY TO EACH POST 100 WORDS MIN EACH *In your replies, ask the "composer" questions as polite as furthering the talk.

1. This late February I was fortunate abundance to survive a greater hemorrhaging. The savant told me I had end delayin an hour of bleeding to decease. I now enjoy gone then been prop on the lake in the southern Austrian spclose of Carinthia. Being close has aided me end up delay new ideas on what I insufficiency to transcribe tonelessnessally. I move that I enjoy a gone of design in duration uniformly anew behind marrying the women of my dreamsAlma. It is approximately the end of the summer and I enjoy refinedd the primitive draw to my fifth symphony. I invited Alma to end aggravate and incline to me portray it on the piano yesterday, I insufficiencyed her to be the primitive peculiar to hearit. She told me she cared-for the slower motion from the interest consequently I consecrated it to her. I was distracted to finally enjoy my tonelessness heard from the nation of Cologne this late late. It was such a pure nationality to see and a pathos I shall never forgetalthough I had peruse encircling a gentleman through the brochure the present earlysaying that "tclose was trifle sentimental or mystical encircling it; it was fair singly an indication of Incredible disposition." That tclose made me move so successful to enjoy something I had never met precedently in my all duration confer me such an astonishing homage for the tonelessness that I wrote. I am distracted to remain having my tonelessness portrayed in notorious the coming seems to be looking brighter behind all.

2. It is a rainy day in London. I am wearied of answerableness tonelessness and I am wearied of everything. I jus refined my fifth bottle of alcohol and I am not assured what I am going to do today, it is singly 2 in the behindnoon. I talked to Sibelius antecedent this early and he told me he approved the interests I wrote and heard them portraying at one of his national bars. (Winter Legend.) My conceit is set a dwarf too proud to recount him that he influenced that assortic but oh boy am I happy that he enjoyed it. Sometimes it moves good-tempered-tempered to finally get in the spotlight and march down the street hearing nation portray my tonelessness as they neat their houses or mediate. I am currently answerableness a new interest and I anticipation to enjoy it achieveed to eulogize Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. I anticipation I am effectual to portray it in peculiar for her and get the thanks from her, but I don’t recognize I am getting too old and I may fair enjoy the national teach achieve it for her. I ambition I was peaceful infantine and flourishing, I purpose that is why I drain so ample. Procure I rouse up and move infantine anew tomorrow or procure I not rouse up at all? Whatever! I am going to repress draining and answerableness tonelessness consequently at smallest they are 2 things I attachment to do. In the medium occasion, I imagine ill go in my piano locality and portray for fun.

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