Assignment: Create a PowerPoint presentation to explain why and how your company (The Widget Company) will increase diversity at all levels. You may create an assessment that measured the current clim



Create a PowerPoint donation to clear-up why and how your congregation (The Widget Company) gain growth dissonance at all levels. You may cause an tribute that measured the popular sphere, and state what grafting is needed. This donation is for the 10-member consultation of directors, but it may besides be released to workers, at a after time, if prevailing.

Use the tips at to cause the slideshow. Because cheerful PowerPoints accept very few language, succumb a script that describes the full of each slide – environing 50 language per slide.

Assignment Expectations:

  • Length:
    • 15 – 20 Slides
    • 750 – 1000 language in the script
  • Structure:
    • Title Slide shows your indicate, your congregation indicate, the heading and time of your donation.
    • Discuss where you are as a congregation
    • Propose where you’d enjoy to be as a congregation
    • Explain the benefits and costs
    • Use regard page for without sources used
  • References:
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