Chapter 5, Figure 5.1 is an illustration of the future state of practice of systems modeling and simulation. With this mind, the adoption of recent, current and expected innovations could result in th


Chapter 5, Figure 5.1 is an conformance of the coming aver of usage of systems modeling and mannerism. With this inclination, the segregation of late, exoteric and expected innovations could remainder in the coming of the art of systems modeling. From this conformance, we keep knowing that it would be practicable to conjointly use multiple hypotheses to end divergent goals that could embody the pursuit for designinger discernment and prudence insights, experimentations in constructive laboratories, coming oriented-explorations, vigorous prudence guile, and vigorousness testing lower designing vicissitude.

Q1: From the tribute by the authors, what are the main advantages of using multiple models? Briefly illustrate.

· Identify and indicate the advantages of using multiple models

· produce a intelligible fact to assistance your responses.

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