Competency Examine disease management models and their effect on the health of populations and health economics. Scenario Your local health system is planning to launch its new population health manag



Examine indisposition discourse models and their issue on the bloom of populations and bloom economics.


Your national bloom classification is planning to enlarge its new population bloom discourse (PHM) program for the class and population it serves. You are the Chief Population Officer for this classification, and you were tasked by your classification CEO to disclose key work indicators for this program.

One of the key components of this program is to realize and settle key work indicators in bloomy populations. Establishing key work indicators allows judgment makers to contemplation meaningful and prolific PHM programs that discourse population bloom needs. Check out this web plight to recognize further encircling key work indicators for population bloom programs.


For this toll, beget a PowerPoint offer, after a while specific orator notes in each resigned discourse slide. You should assess your national population bloomcare needs and disclose key work indicators that appraise these needs. Use your national or particularize bloom line, U.S. Census, and other pertinent websites to gather further encircling sole characteristics of your national class bloomcare needs.

1. Describe your national bloomcare line (population reckon, socioeconomic determinants, bloom and medical instrument available, in the class, competitive dispense, etc.).

2. Assess your national population bloomcare needs, programs, and instrument needed to discourse these needs. You should commence a high-level Class Needs Toll to determine that bloomcare instrument are maximized for population bloom advancement. A Class Needs Toll describes the bloom and good-fortune of the control population, identifies the greater bloom miss factors, the top bloom problems, and helps to realize the proximate steps to discourse these factors. Please own a face at this Class Needs Toll Click for further options

muniment from the CDC.

3. Realize key work indicators that your bloom classification PHM program needs to utensil to exalt a bloomy population.

4. You should use five kind references to patronage your toll and findings for this toll.


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