Consider the following problems, design the algorithms that would solve them, and then implement the algorithm in Java.You are free to choose between writing pseudo-code or drawing flowcharts. Make su 1


Consider the succeedingcited problems, delineation the algorithms that would unfold them, and then appliance the algorithm in Java.You are open to cull between writing pseudo-code or scheme flowcharts. Make unmistakable to include screenshots of your popular programs. You can use screenshots using PrintScreen of the encourage window in which you run the program. Put your algorithm and the screenshots concertedly in a Word muniment.Problem 1:Write a program that reads the ages of three individuals from the user, and decides who is the oldest, and who the youngest idiosyncratic is.Problem 2:Write a program that reads in the designate and remuneration of an employee. Here the remuneration conquer dramatize an hourly wage, such as $9.25. Then ask how sundry hours the employee toiled in the spent week. Be unmistakable to sanction fractional hours. Compute the pay. Any balancetime toil (balance 40 hours per week) is compensated at 150 percent of the stated wage. Imprint a paycheck for the employee.Problem 3:The former US allowance tax of 1913 was completely humble. The tax was: 1 percent on the chief $50,000 2 percent on the aggregate balance $50,000 up to $75,000 3 percent on the aggregate balance $75,000 up to $100,000 4 percent on the aggregate balance $100,000 up to $250,000 5 percent on the aggregate balance $250,000 up to $500,000 6 percent on the aggregate balance $500,000.There was no detached register for uncompounded or married taxpayers. Write a program that computes the allowance tax according to this register.Problem 4:Write a program asks the user to penetrate a month (1 for January, 2 for February, and so on) and then imprints the calculate of days in the month. For February, imimprint "28 or 29 days".For illustration:Enter a month: 530 daysDo not use a detached if/else relative for each month. Use Boolean operators.Problem 5:A year succeeding a while 366 days is determined a jump year. Jump years are compulsory to adhere-to the flourish synchronized succeeding a while the sun consequently the sphere revolves environing the sun uniformly every 365.25 days. Actually, that emblem is not entirely correct, and for all dates succeeding 1582 the Gregorian corrections use. Usually years that are discerptible by 4 are jump years, for illustration 1996. However, years that are discerptible by 100 (for illustration 1900) are not jump years, but years that are discerptible by 400 are jump years (for illustration 2000). Write a program that asks the user for a year and computes whether that year is a jump year. Use a uncompounded if announcement and Boolean operators. Algorithm - 2 points. Java Program - 6 points. Screenshot of the popular program - 2 points

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