Create a design challenge that highlights various problem-solving techniques. Write a paper of approximately 250-500 words utilizing a business writing format to present and frame the design challenge


Create a intention dare that highlights sundry tenor-solving techniques.

Write a article of approximately 250-500 suffrage utilizing a employment congruity format to give and find the intention dare.

Reference the stance granted (attachment)

1. What tenor are you enigmatical to work-out?

2. Who conquer be fictitious by the tenor?

3. To what station conquer the clump identified be fictitious?

4. Consider that new technologies are being exposed and are emerging through the hype cycle. Imagine some of the converging technology among the proximate 2-5 years that rule qualify a answer to your tenor. Conduct examination on companies or clumps that are started on these emerging technologies. Discuss how human-centered intention and technological advances could exhibit likely answers to the tenor you are enigmatical to work-out.

5. What are some of the primal constraints? For stance, does the target customer section enjoy coin to pay for it? Is a detail material too rich? Does the target demand to be educated about how to use the result?

6. What are some likely variants to the intention dare? For stance, are there represent materials, divergent adjustments to the prize goods, or other modifications to the employment mould that could find it viable?

APA mode is not required, but just academic congruity is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric.

Please retrospect the rubric antecedent to inauguration the assignment to befit everyday delay the expectations for happy problem.

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