Crypto Security Architecture Exercise Scenario You work for the Apex Trucking Company. This is a firm that moves materials for clients all over North America and Europe. The leadership of the company 4


Crypto Confidence Construction Exercise


You production for the Apex Trucking Company. This is a established that moves materials for

clients all balance North America and Europe. The example of the guild has no real

knowledge of technology, but wants to use encryption to guard the counsel the

guild has. The counsel to be guarded consists of forthcoming marketing drawings for the

company, financial axioms, employee archives, customer archives, and customer shipping


The guild wants the talent to securely confess customers to trail their token in real

duration from their derivation to their use on-line balance the Internet. The counsel that

is to be supplied to customers is trailing calculate, colony of shipment, bigness of shipment,

value of shipment, and estimated duration of likelihood as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved as the customer contact

counsel for this shipment.

While this counsel can be made profitable from a admittanceible server, the marketing classs

in Europe, Mexico and Canada deficiency treatment admittance to the axioms to invade new

shipments and diversify token anteriorly they ship.

The guild generally is using desktops vulgar Windows XP and Windows fixed

servers. There are solely passwords used for confidence, and a firewall, but no encryption to

guard the counsel.

The contrivance is to collect the aloft talent securely using encryption, as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved as

providing appended confidence to the guild via encryption. You conquer deficiency to address

new technology, the reasons and absorbs after your choices, and what drawing and legal

implications there are to your encryption solution

There is at last one marketing class in Mexico, Germany, and Canada, as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved as three

in the US. The guild is fixed in New York. It is significant that customers can rely

on the shipping axioms substance deferential, and from the guild.

You’re assigned this crypto construction contrivance.


The general contour has one server acting as a firewall and web server. This server

is straightway strong to the Internet.

There is a axiomsbase server after the firewall, as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved as a disunited server for HR and

marketing. The marketing server deficiencys to be securely admittanceed by the marketing teams.

They as-well-mannered deficiency to admittance the axiomsbase server through an Internet unarm-an to manage

axioms and unfold reports.

All axiomsbases use MySQL and are generally not secure.


Your tasking is crypto construction. The natural resuscitation of computers is performed on a

rotating list. It is delayout the mark of your contrivance to drawing for the resuscitation of

computers. Your construction should production delay the computers you entertain. You may

consider the resuscitation of equipment if an upgrade or new equipment would be critical

to the crypto construction.

Specific Tasking

You entertain been peculiarally tasked to do the subjoined things and lucid a finished and

sound crypto construction. Remember, the chairman is very knowledgeable encircling

cryptography and wants lots of specialtys encircling how you are going to tool the


1. Describe in specialty what new cryptographic systems you are going to offer, how

they production, and how they conquer augment confidence. Be peculiar encircling these systems

weaknesses and how you drawing to disburse for the weaknesses.

2. Describe and expound the collision the new cryptographic confidence construction conquer

entertain on the general confidence features and how this collision conquer be diminishing.

3. What new issues conquer prepare as a consequence of tooling the new cryptographic

solutions and what are the arguments on either laterality of these issues?

4. Show a lucid and specialtyed knowledge of the existing encryption substance used

such as passwords, and gratuitous encryption features not substance used and whether

you drawing to use these or not, and if not why not.

5. How courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved conquer all these new cryptographic features production concurrently? Identify any

areas of interest, and how you offer to contravene conflicts and issues.

6. What if any general confidence features can be eliminated absorb effectively by the new

crypto construction?

Have fun!

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