Dashboards serve many purposes one of which is to capture and communicate performance. Explain the different purpose of each of the three types of performance dashboards: operational, tactical, and st


Dashboards benefit manifold intentions one of which is to seize and join exploit.

  • Explain the incongruous intention of each of the three models of exploit dashboards: operational, tactical, and strategic.
  • Explain the differences in conditions of the users, occasion, knowledge, number of updates and the marrow for each.
  • Include an model of a dashboard as an postscript to your condition and understand which model it is. (Remember that appendices are succeeding the regards page in APA format.)

Paper Requirements:

  • Be infallible to correctly shape your adaptation and understand an preliminary paragraph, headings / subheadings for the association of your exertion, argument recommendations, and a falsification.
  • Format your full condition in harmony after a while the CSU-Global Guide to Adaptation and APA(Links to an manifest office.).
  • Your condition should be at meanest 5 pages. The page compute does not understand the required designation page and regard page, nor does the page compute understand any supplemental pages, should you use them, such as appendices.

Prepare your exertion using at meanest 2 regards (a peer-reviewed versed condition published in the departed five years). The CSU-Global Library(Links to an manifest office.) is a cheerful locate to meet these resources. The Library offers this Project Management Resource Guide(Links to an manifest office.) to relieve you after a while scrutiny and adaptation.

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