Discussion 1: Chapter 13- Management of Complex Systems: Toward Agent-Based Gaming for PolicyDiscussion 2: Chapter 15 – Visual Decision Support for Policy-Making: Advancing Policy Analysis with Visual

Discussion 1: Article 13- Management of Obscure Systems: Toward Agent-Based Gaming for Policy

Discussion 2: Article 15 - Visual Decision Support for Policy-Making: Advancing Plan Analysis delay Visualization

word count: 300 control each

Text compass: Janssen, M., Wimmer, M. A., & Deljoo, A. (Eds.). (2015). Plan usage and digital science: Integrating obscure systems, collective artifice and exoteric administration in plan elimination (Vol. 10). Springer. (Included through library donation)

Things to be moderate in the discussion:

Address the immodest sections beneath. Your contributions should be in your own control; note very locally.

1. CHAPTER SUMMARY: Summarize article presented during the week. Identify the main purpose (as in "What's your purpose?"), subject, or misrecord of the key ideas presented in the article.

2. SUPPORT: Do elimination over of the compass and prove that you keep in a very apparent way. This refers to elimination over the embodied presented in the textbook. Show bigwig you keep discovered from your own elimination. Be stable this is apparent and adds appreciate over what is contained in the article itself.

3. EVALUATION: Employ the concepts from the misemploy article. Hint: Be stable to use inequitable provisions and models straightway from the textcompass in analyzing the embodied presented and enclose the page in the extract.

4. SOURCES: Enclose extracts delay your sources. Use APA fashion extracts and references.

please do Plagiarism control aswell.

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