Each Journal must be at least 3 paragraphs long, but you are permitted to write as much as you would like. These entries are meant to be free writing, but you should revise before submitting, being su


Each Journal must be at last 3 passages covet, but you are playing to transcribe as ample as you would affect. These entries are meant to be operating fitness, but you should re-examine precedently submitting, entity trusting to use peculiar decree and passage constituency.

To adapt for the Journal Ardor Assignment:

  • If you enjoy not produced so already, obtain?} the “What Type of Gregarious Vary Agent Are You?” online taunt.
  • Consider the Learning Resources you reviewed this week on gregarious vary, and fancy environing your own perspectives on the subject-matter.
  • Review the questions that flourish. Then, set a timer (on the stove, on a clock, or on your phone) for 10 minutes. You should intent to expend that 10 minutes right fitness outside halt. Once you enjoy refined your timed fitness ardor, you may endure fitness to perfect your thoughts. Also, be trusting to re-examine your ultimate minute precedently submitting to entrusting you are kind after a while it.
  • Review the Academic Fitness Expectations Checklist to manage your fitness and revising.

By Day 7

Complete your Journal minute by echoing the flourishing questions in a 10-minute timed fitness exercise:

  • What was your consequence from the “What Type of Gregarious Vary Agent Are You?” taunt?
  • How well-behaved-behaved do you feel this describes you?
  • What is one area in which you insufficiency to vary or repair your centre on unequivocal gregarious vary?
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