For this week’s response, you will write “wall text” for an Islamic ceramic object of your choice. Please visit the Google Arts and Culture virtual exhibit on creating Istalifi Ceramics: https://artsa


For this week's defense, you succeed transcribe "rampart citation" for an Islamic ceramic view of your excellent.

Please investigate the Google Arts and Humanization potential manifest on creating Istalifi Ceramics: to an manifest position.)

Then, use a contemplate at the 323 examples of Islamic ceramics on Google Arts and Humanization hither(Links to an manifest position.).

Select one individual and, inveterate upon the instruction on the potential manifest and your information of Islamic art and humanization, provide an preliminary to your view.

How was it likely made?

Why does it contemplate the way it does?

Imagine that you are congruity rampart citation for your view on vault in a museum or gallery. Your rampart citation should suppose that your museum investigateor is fully inconversant after a while Islamic Art. Your defense should be at lowest 500 articulation hanker. Have fun!

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