Here is what you should do: 1. print a copy of this wordy email 2. read it 3. go back and begin crossing out all of the unnecessary words and eliminate the BIZ-SPEAK 4. when you are done, go back and 1


Here is what you should do:

1. imimprint a observation of this prosaic email

2. recognize it

3. go end and initiate bisection out all of the uncalled-for say and eject the BIZ-SPEAK

4. when you are effected, go end and morose out a few MORE say - then morose out a few MORE

5.rewrite the email so it is purified, pay, and says precisely what it needs to say.(Of race, thither is no reform retort and answers get change.)If you keep to add a vocable hither or thither or propose star environing a bit for clarity, delight do so.

6. husband your new, improved email/homeworkas a vocable (doc) finish or pdf finish and present your rewritten email by clicking above

Let's see how multifarious say you can eject!

Want a suggest??? I commend bisection out SIX say in the GREETING, ten say in the foremost course, and 12 further in the assist course!!! Yes , thither are LOTS of extra and uncalled-for say.

YOU SHOULD FIND AT LEAST 75 WORDS TO ELIMINATE - EASILY!This should evidence to you how multifarious EXTRA say thither are in this email.

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