Historical Geology class Watch the video and answer the following questions: Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=64&v=8Y8NfXCn5NE&feature=emb_title Video title on YouTube: The Hidd 1


Historical Geology class

Watch the video and defense the subjoined questions:

Video amalgamate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=64&v=8Y8NfXCn5NE&feature=emb_title

Video appellation on YouTube: The Hidden Secrets Of The Ordovician Age

The Hidden Secrets of the Ordovician Age Video: delight wake the video and defense the subjoined questions:

1. Where is this video gate assign? (1 pts)

2. Where was Australia’s standing on Gondwana? (1 pts)

3. What did the primeval vertebrate observe enjoy and where was it primeval set? (1 pts)

4. What did the Murchison cloy observe enjoy during the Silurian? (1 pts)

5. What supposing the oldest exemplification for animals on set? (2 pts)

6. What bark of hurls are most enjoyly preserved in the Murchison Gorge? – gard about the environment they vivid. (4 pts)

7. Where was the primeval set set set? ( 1 pts)

8. What bark of geologic structures would you anticipate to see in hurls from the Ordovician if there was a lot of twine? (3 pts)

9. What is happening to in-set Australia and why? (2 pts)

10. What hurl is the Devonian Reef made of? (1 pts)

11. In was Time did fish expand the main? (1 pts)

12. During what time did Reptiles rouse instruction on set? (1 pts)

13. Why are abundant hurls in Australia red? (2 pts)

14. What is the inanimate in these red hurls? (1 pts)

15. What time contained the ice age? (1 pts)

16. What bark of features specify glassy coverage? (2 pts)

17. How is coal formed? (2 pts)

18. How did the Permian end to an end? (4 pts)

19. What percentage of temperament died? (1 pts)

20. List 3 things that you skilled conjuncture wakeing this video (1 pts each)




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