How will Blockchain increase knowledge relative to consumer preferences? Type your initial post and peer replies in this Discussion Forum basedon the assigned readings for the week.The initial post sh


How conquer Blockchain acception scholarship not-absolute to consumer preferences?

Type your moderate support and compatriot replies in this Argument Forum basedon the assigned decipherings for the week.The moderate support should inclose a restriction of500words and it should be submitted no posterior than Tuesday before11:59pm EST.

Unit 2: Readings and Resources

Your decipherings this week conquer succor you improve discern BlockchainTechnology and lay you to pledge in this secondModule’s argument and assignments. Be confident to decipher the compatriot reviewed catechism carefully and scene the YouTubevideosprior to starting your weekly argument pledgement, shape, and meditation.


  • Blockchain, the Next Wave of Innovation in Digital Marketing
  • Why Brands Need to Pay Attention to Ever-Changing Consumer Habits
  • How Brands Should Be Working To Fix The Consumer Trust Crisis


  • YouTube: A Primer to Bitcoin and the Blockchain
  • YouTube: MetaX- Unlocking the Blockchain for Digital Advertising
  • YouTube: How Blockchainis changing Digital Identity
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