In this module, you explored several theories of human development including a psychodynamic theory advanced by Freud which was later built upon by Erikson. Although the initial stages of Erikson’s wo


In this module, you explored sundry theories of civilized outgrowth including a psychodynamic scheme past by Freud which was posterior built upon by Erikson. Although the moderate amounts of Erikson's is-sue parallels Freud's, Erikson's scheme introduced three adult amounts resulting in a over capacious lifebrace object of psychosocial outgrowth.

In your moderate post:

  1. Apply Erikson's scheme to your own outgrowth and establish which of Erikson's outgrowthal amounts you are in currently.
  2. Based on your experiences or what you possess witnessed in others, hint a new amount of outgrowth to aid Erikson's scheme. Be positive to afford your new amount a call, represent its characteristics (age brace, behaviors, challenges, etc.), and enpositive that it's disengaged where it would be inserted into Erikson's strong amounts.
  3. Describe whether or not you possess achieved the view of your newly created outgrowthal amount.
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