In Week 2 we discussed how disability affects the individual as well as caregivers and others related to the person with a disability. This week we will explore the broader cultural attitudes that pla


In Week 2 we discussed how incompetency affects the single as well-mannered-mannered as caregivers and others kindred to the individual delay a incompetency. This week we earn inquire the broader cultural attitudes that play such a forcible role in the lives of individuals delay disabilities. These attitudes attain far, not merely in their result on individuals delay disabilities but in their result on the making of gregarious plan that determines the availability of resources such as funds, and supportive services for individuals delay disabilities and thus, their peculiarity of association.

One sample of cultural attitudes can be institute in the Media Enabled Musketeers Design that is interposed of 12 concise films made by individuals delay disabilities in the U.S. and Russia. It is a junction American-Russian design whose goal is to instruct the open notorious about the challenges and triumphs of individuals delay disabilities and in the process, aid concord between the two countries.

One of the 12 films can be seen on UTube: “Don’t Look Down on Me” by Jonathan Novick:

1. Watch the concise film and meet to the aftercited questions:

A. What is your direct rejoinder to the film?

B. What cultural attitudes are reflected in it?

C. How do these attitudes ponder your own? How do they contend?

2. What is the political and gregarious opinion of the aftercited comment:

“Disability merely becomes a adversity for me when association fails to supply the things we insufficiency to guide our lives—job opportunities or allotment open buildings, for sample. It is not a adversity to me that I’m patronage in a wheelchair.” (From “My Body Politic” by Simi Linton)

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