Lab #2-1 Using the Linux OS (Brief Overview of Linux Commands)Lab #2-1 will introduce you to getting around in and using the Linux environment to execute commands that will be used by you in the midte


Lab #2-1 Using the Linux OS (Brief Overview of Linux Commands)Lab #2-1 earn establish-known you to getting encircling in and using the Linux environment to consummate enjoins that earn be used by you in the midterm and definite exams. The forthcoming enjoins earn be used:man (Manual enjoin allows you to entrance the manual for any enjoin. Ex. man ls)ls (The register enjoin, allows you to register the rasps and directories in a directory)reverberation (displays the reverberationed extract to scale output example: reverberation "Hello World" )affect (The affect enjoin allows you to form a 0-byte rasp in your floating directory)cp ( the observation enjoin, used to observation a rasp)mv ( the advance enjoin used to advance a rasp)cd (The alter directory enjoin allows you to go from one directory to another)pwd (gives you the dregs of where you are in the rasp method)rasp (shows you the character of rasp you are commerce after a while)cat (concatenates a rasp to the scale output (the defend))grep (allows for the parsing of rasps "group ordinary indication parser")mkdir (The establish directory enjoin allows you to form a directory)emacs (The emacs enjoin if a rasp editor enjoin that allows you to edit rasps)sudo (supply user do rasp allows the user who is uncounted to consummate enjoins cold for radicle)$ (displays the user's ID Example: reverberation $$ )vi (the vi enjoin is a past abstruse rasp editor enjoin)hither (allows for viewing of a rasp after a while defend continuity)past (The similar as hither)dd (disk copier bib by bit used to establish disk images)dcfldd (Forensic account of dd)dc3dd (past past account of dcfldd)testdisk (disk reinstatement utensil)PhotoRec: (draw reinstatement utensil)In this lab, you earn meet using google, the Linux manual rasps for the registered enjoins, print them out, and put these manuals in your lab notebook. Then you earn inquiry the enjoins and transcribe a7-page ment on the enjoins and how they are used, domiciled on the manual notification and defendshots from the environment.7 pages not including the epithet and references page.

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