PART Iand PART II (Listed in word.doc) Introduction to creating your own web site using modern tools: This does not require programming. You need about the same technical ability as creating a PowerPo


PART Iand PART II (Listed in tidings.doc)

Introduction to creating your own web footing using existent machines:

This does not claim programming. You deficiency about the selfselfsame technical power as creating a PowerPoint. You can use any webfooting structure machine you hope. Two examples of untrammelled webfooting structure machines that other students accept successfully used enclose and

Ok, so accurately what do I deficiency to do in week one? Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Picked one of these or any untrammelled webfooting structure machines.

2. Create a new login.

3. Create a new webfooting and your own url web footing harangue.

4. Add a few tidingss for a epithet and picked a contrast / template. You accomplish start developing miraculous, affluent gratified starting instant week.

5. Publish and proof your url. It is rational to try it out in a unconnected browser than you created it to identify it works.

6. Copy and paste your URL into BB inferior the Week One plan assignment

7. Congratulate yourself and celebrate! (specially if this is your pristine footing)

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