Portfolio Project: This week discuss a current business process in a specific industry. Note the following: -The current business process itself. -The industry the business process is utilized in. Aft 1


Portfolio Project: This week examine a exoteric affair mode in a inequitable activity. Melody the following: -The exoteric affair mode itself. -The activity the affair mode is utilized in. After explaining the exoteric top, accept the exoteric scholarship from the method and: - Explain a new technology that the affair should deploy. Be inequitable, don’t barely melody the pattern of technology but the inequitable prompting of technology. (For model, a pattern of technology is active automation a inequitable pattern of automation is automated light-dimming technology). - Melody the pros and cons of the technology separated. - Melody manifold factors the affair should investigate precedent to deploying the new technology The over acquiescence should be three pages in protraction. Remember the entirety protraction does not embrace the APA current conceal page or the references. There should be at smallest three APA current references to patronage your result.

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