Prompt:Explain Giles position in this article and how he makes the case for a theory of personal identity that can epistemologically (how we might have knowledge of) account how our subjective experie

Prompt:Explain Giles situation in this time and how he makes the circumstance for a speculation of identical personality that can epistemologically (how we authority possess information of) totality how our internal experiences, if we are not ourselves constituted as a ‘bundle of ever-changing elements’. Second, confer an totality of whether we should recognize the totality of Locke and Schechtman, or that of Hume and Giles. Provide a reasoned conviction to your determination.

Required Reading: Reading 14: James Giles, “The Non-Self Theory: Hume, Buddhism, and Identical Identity” (PDF); David Hume - Of Identical Personality (Weblink)

Recommended:SEP, "Religious Experience" - Section 4, "The Diverse Objects of Religious Experience" composition must be cited and at lowest 300 expression not including cited

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