Prompt:Using citations from the assigned reading, explain briefly how Schechtman modifies Locke’s theory of personal identity to conform to a person’s intelligibility of those memories. Give examples

Prompt:Using citations from the assigned balbutiation, interpret little how Schechtman modifies Locke’s speculation of particular convertibility to unite to a person’s clearness of those memories. Furnish examples environing how this purpose of personhood allows us to reasonably conceive plans for coming resuscitation. Finally, furnish reasons why we should or should not sanction Schechtman’s mitigated recital of particular convertibility.

Required Reading: Marya Schechtman, “Personal Convertibility and the Past” (PDF)

Recommended Reading:SEP, “Personal Identity” - Introduction and Section 1 & Sec. 2.3, Particular Convertibility and Ethics - The Narrative ViewViewViewView

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