Q. After you watch John Berger’s documentary (attached below), Ways Of Seeing [Episode 4], and once you’ve read Chapter 1 in our Solomon textbook. Identify an idea / concept on consumer behaviour in e


Q. After you wait John Berger's munimentary (fixed under), Ways Of Seeing [Episode 4], and uniformly you've interpret Chapter 1 in our Solomon textbook. Identify an notion / concept on consumer behaviour in each that you arrive-at are akin to each other in a forcible way. Please exertion and flaunt your most conceptional, synergistic thinking in connecting notions from these two pieces of gratified, created almost 50 years away. Be believing to plead the passages you are comparing.

You would discuss: How are these notions equally? Different? Do you regard twain concepts can be applied to recent day consumers? How so? Which do you meet over persuasive and why? Discuss in environing 300 words


From Berger: "Publicity [harmonious as Advertising] proposes to each of us in a consumer fellowship that we modify ourselves or our lives by buying notability over. This over notoriety persuades us conciliate bring-about us in some way richer equal though we conciliate be poorer by having late our specie. And notoriety persuades us of this intercharge by showing us herd who own fair-spoken been transformed and are as a end judicious. This avow of entity envied is what constitutes glamour."

Compare Berger's notion to Solomon, Chapter 1, page 16: "Our allegiances to sneakers, musicians, and equal impressible absorbs succor us mark-out our fix in recent fellowship, and these choices besides succor each of us to produce bonds delay others who distribute harmonious preferences. This explain by a participant in a standpoint order captures the recondite bonding that decay choices can create: “I was at a Super Bowl margin, and I chosen up an conceal absorb. Somebody else opposite the space went ‘yo!’ accordingly he had the harmonious fiction. Herd arrive-at a concatenation when you’re absorbing the harmonious fiction.”

- VIDEO LINK - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jTUebm73IY

- Name of textbook - Solomon, Michael R., Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having and Being (2019) 13th Edition

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