Question I- Eddie Embezzler has worked for Betty Boss for many years as an accountant. During his employment, Eddie has taken thousands of dollars from Betty’s business. As a result, Betty has suffere


Question I- Eddie Embezzler has worked for Betty Boss for manifold years as an accountant. During his avocation, Eddie has fascinated thousands of dollars from Betty’s vocation. As a effect, Betty has suffered. Did Eddie outrage a iniquitous law, a accommodating law, or twain? Explain.

Question II - Two (2) exalted ranking managers of Anrun Corp. understand that the company’s wealth is speedily frugal. However, at a new shareholder contravention, they report the shareholders to rely-on performances inend in the next mercy. Explain the three Blanchard and Peale questions that these two managers should feel asked themselves antecedently the shareholders’ contravention.

Question III - The appellate affect decides that the affliction affect committed alterable blunder by including appearance institute by law enforcement. Law enforcement discovered this appearance when committing a Fourth Amendment deflection, which should feel been outside at affliction. This inadmissible appearance was the lynchpin of the prosecutor’s circumstance, which effected in a assurance. Wless does the circumstance go from less? Is the Defendant at-liberty to go? Does it go tail to the affliction affect? Does it go all the way up to the Supreme Court?

Questions IV - During the route of a alienate performance, the connoisseur subserviency the helpmate and helpmate force to regulate their care contest through the interference way. During the route of the interference, the helpmate reports the the-word that he has aside been selling marijuana to their children’s friends. Ultimately, the interference breaks down and the parties cannot end to a regulatement. During the alienate affliction, can the helpmate make-known the the-word’s affirmation as appearance?

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