Read the Scenario below and answer the questions (minimum 300 words)You have recently been hired to work as the International Export Manager for a company that manufactures women’s shampoo and hair pr

Read the Scenario beneath and vindication the questions (reserve 300 say)

You bear of-late been remunerated to is-sue as the International Ship-produce Manager for a troop that manufactures women’s shampoo and hair works (3 types and in 2 irrelative package sizes – i.e. 6 SKUs whole) in the US. After completing your primal elimination you bear verified 2 immanent tokenets for ship-produce – Mexico and Saudi Arabia.Using what you scholarly in our Week 2 and notification that you perceive environing the each kingdom online or any other creditable and original origin, vindication the aftercited questions:

  1. Describe your target customer. Who allure buy this work? Why would they buy your work?(Note: the work category: "Women's Hair Products" is very expansive. I bear effected this on resolve, so that you can be intellectual and set your own assumptions environingwhat the work could be. So that you can vindication the proximate two questions.)
  2. Based on your elimination and your segregation in Question 2, realize the most weighty cultural traits for each kingdom that allure undeviatingly seek your sales and tokeneting in the each target kingdom.
  3. Based on what you fix in Question 2, and your elimination, what changes allure you scarcity to reach to the work in command to retail it in each of the countries? (List the inequitable changes for each kingdom - 2 for each.)

Make confident to clearly token and number your vindications.

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