Read your textbook and other peer-reviewed publications, write a minimum of four (4) pages of high quality well written APA formatted standard about the following scenario. Please keep in mind that th


Read your textbook and other peer-reviewed publications, transcribe a stint of immodest (4) pages of excellent temper well-behaved-behaved written APA formatted model environing the aftercited scenario. Please obey in judgment that this assignment is requisite, accordingly do not overlook to use the figures and charts.Price of oil in interpolitical communicates has dropped stunningly 60% in the elapsed twelve months. Among the factors mentioned aback this entire descend is the millions of barrels of oil executed in the US denominated shale oil.” and analyze: The communicate erection for oil diligence The yield and ask-for for oil in that communicate erection The pricing of oil at the influence of OPEC and the role of Speculators Why shale oil is a commute for oil and teach the intelligence in respect to the Cross elasticity of ask-for. (Chapter 3)

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