Select a project to work on. Some options are listed below, select a project that you feel comfortable with, and understand (or feel you can easily learn about). Implementing a new software system De


Select a contrivance to production on. Some options are listed underneath, fine a contrivance that you handle satisfied delay, and apprehend (or handle you can easily collect encircling).

  • Implementing a new software system
  • Developing and launching an E-Commerce Website
  • Implementing a new arrangement in an organization
  • Opening a member office/new location
  • Starting a new business
  • Deploying a product/service to a customer

Now that you possess fineed a contrivance, you conquer commence to enlarge criterion muniments used to lead and food your production. In this assignment, you conquer be creating two disjoined muniments:

  1. A contrivance charter
  2. A ask for tender (RFP) for a division of your contrivance (pretend that you are outsourcing one division of your contrivance)

You may deficiency to husband templates for these muniments; there are justifiable loose options advantageous at the forthcoming sites: - -

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