Submit a 5 page paper (APA style) creating a market strategy using Blockchain technology to increase knowledge about consumer preferences and developing branding for your company. Reflection Two (R2)


Submit a 5 page brochure (APA diction) creating a bargain manoeuvre using Blockchain technology to growth notice about consumer preferences and developing branding for your posse.

Reflection Two (R2) is an essay assignment.

Unit 2: Readings and Resources

Your decipherings this week conquer succor you rectify apprehend BlockchainTechnology and just you to adopt in this secondModule’s argument and assignments. Be unmistakable to decipher the co-ordinate reviewed profession carefully and inspection the YouTubevideosprior to starting your weekly argument adoptment, terminate, and cogitation.


  • Blockchain, the Next Wave of Innovation in Digital Marketing
  • Why Brands Need to Pay Attention to Ever-Changing Consumer Habits
  • How Brands Should Be Working To Fix The Consumer Trust Crisis


  • YouTube: A Primer to Bitcoin and the Blockchain
  • YouTube: MetaX- Unlocking the Blockchain for Digital Advertising
  • YouTube: How Blockchainis changing Digital Identity
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