TERM PAPER INSTRUCTIONS: TERM PAPER: Provide an in depth managerial analysis of marketing analytics ututilization to increase sales revenue and market share. Your analysis should include samples of ex


TERM PAPER INSTRUCTIONS: TERM PAPER: Provide an in profundity managerial dissection of negotiateing analytics ututilization to extension sales return and negotiate divide. Your dissection should understand samples of copy modeling results and copys of how negotiateing analytics has been successeasily done by corporations. Some topics for consequence to be addressed as applicable: • Marketing basis o How is negotiateing basis generated o How is negotiateing handy for dissection • Sales trends o Methodologies o Examples • Demand curves o Methodologies o Examples • Pricing Models o Methodologies o Examples • Customer Segmentations o Methodologies o Examples RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES: 1. Monroe College basisbases 2. Company websites 3. Internet quest 4. Google Scholar 5. Employee interviews

LENGTH: 10 to 15 double spaced pages for the substantiality of the declaration. You should to-boot accept a shield page and a regard schedule, (these two pages do not compute toward the five). FORMAT OF REPORT: APA name, delay in quotation citations and a easily instrumented regard page. Double spaced, one inch margins, 12-point font.

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